Statsraad Lehmkuhl

The steel barque was built by Grand Duke Friedrich August in Geestemünde in 1914. It was put into service on the last day before World War I began. With a total length of 98 m and approx. 2.060 m² sail surface it was the largest barque of the world.

Because of the World War the barque made only few trips. in 1919 it was given as a compensation to the British. In 1923 it was sold to Norway and was renamed to „Statsraad Lehmkuhl“. It was then operated by the Bergener Schulschiffstiftung.

In World War II the barque was confiscated for a short period by the Germans, they operated it as depot ship. After the war it was given back to the Norwegians, and was put out of service in 1966 for monetary reasons.

The newly founded foundation Stiftelsen Seilskipet Statsraad Lehmkuhl took over the ship in 1978, and operates it until today. Besides operations for the Norwegian navy the barque also is used as a charter ship. It offers room for approx. 140 trainees which are accomodated in two large rooms and sleep in hammocks. The home sea port of the barque is Bergen.

Any sightseeings are organised on request, depending on free capacities and other  circumstances.