Safety at sea

Always pay attention to the current weather forecast! Go out to the sea only if the weather conditions are good and stable. Please take into consideration that the weather forecast can be wrong or may have changed recently.

Each person on board have to wear it’s own live vest!

Your cellphone is most likely the most important tool on board. Please stow it in a waterproof bag and make sure you always can easily access your cell phone.

  1. Go not out to the sea alone, always have an adult companion with you.
  2. If possible, then you preferrably should connect several boats together.
  3. Use only routes which can clearly be seen/identified on your GPS device. Stay away from shallow water areas!
  4. Make sure you remember names of places or fishing spots correctly!
  5. Alcohol consumption on board is not allowed.
  6. Please always take care that objects/weights are in good balance.
  7. Respect the nature and the local people. Listen to the local people and adopt to their behaviour.
  8. Make sure you have always enough fuel on board!