About Bessaker

Bessaker is part of the community of Åfjord in Trøndelag. 180 citizens live in the village that includes a kindergarten, a supermarket, a fuel station and a restaurant. There is also a fitness center, a soccer stadium, a veterinarian and some smaller registered associations. In the past Bessaker has been a landing stage for the Hurtigruten (Norwegian post ship & ferry company).

Nowadays these impressing ships pass the village two times per day. 

Since 1979 every year always on the third weekend in July there is a big fish festival taking place. It is organised by all citizens, and attracts some thousand visitors.

Bessaker is famous for fishing, diving, kind hospitality and pristine countryside. The village lays next to a sea lane. It has a good sea view, but still is well protected from the sea’s power by islands, archipelagos and reefs.

The surroundings of Bessaker offer many opportunities to experience the impressing nature.

During the Summers of 2007 and 2008 the company Trønder Energi built the wind power farm „Bessakerfjellet", which consists of 25 wind power generators. The „Møllestua", a small hut at the highest point of the wind farm, became a popular destination for hikers. It is open for everyone, and the view from the hut is amazing.

On Løaholmen there is the sea port of Fosen, an important venture of the Åfjord community. 

On the sea side there is a deep water landing point for large cargo ships. On the other side there is a well protected small port which is suitable for yachts, sailing boats and other small boats. Starting from the port a well-lit cycle and foot path directly leads to the center of Bessaker.